Inner Lands & Scapes


Collective experience

1 — 7 May 2024 


“If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes”  Agnès Varda


Art and food are two worlds that shape and imprint landscapes within us.

But what do these landscapes look like?

And how do we reach them?


During the multidisciplinary performance Inner Lands & Scapes, we invite you to explore, consciously and at your own rhythm, your own inner landscape, stimulated and emphasised by the works and creations of a series of artists.


Imagine this tailor-made experience as a sensory stroll through the unseen spaces of our historic house. Expect to be swept away by the sounds and vibrations of Barbara Drazkov’s prepared pianos, transcended by the monumental works of Valérie Novello, the words of Marie-Rose Meysman and immersed in the shadows and gestures of choreographer and dancer Benoît Nieto Duran. All of this will be accompanied at different moments during the evening by culinary creations invented by the supremely sensitive Japanese chef, Chiho Kanzaki.


As you pass through the different strata of the house, the works will offer themselves to you along the way. They will overlap, respond, and link up. And by making connections between different artistic mediums, we’ll be seeking to create openings, portals, and sensory passageways to unexpected landscapes.


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