Valérie Novello


Valérie Novello’s new solo show at Galerie La Forest Divonne is definitely one not to miss! Until the 9th of December, Novello’s Anatomie d’un paysage is blooming within the white walls of the Brussels gallery.


Paper, wax or plaster, Novello’s work deploys poetic landscapes through subtile volumes. Seemingly some of extreme fragility, others heavy as lead. Her unique graphic expression shines through every medium or size she takes on, composing a subtle dialogue between all of the present works.

She says:

“If all things cannot be explained, if all things cannot be attained, I seek to give form to a mental image – distant and original – that obsesses me. I seek to approach it, to unveil and reveal it in the present. All that remains of this original image are the incomplete, fragmented remains.”

Indeed, her fragmented remains come alive and allow us to travel – ahead to the unknown and back to familiar grounds.

We are thrilled that Valérie Novello will be part of our next upcoming project early 2024. Stay tuned for further information!


Anatomie d’un paysage

@ Galerie La Forest Divonne

26.10.2023 — 09.12.2023

66 rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies 1060