Ornella Mei

“She has made the perfect curve her profession, her quest. When someone talks to her about organic architecture, she jumps to her feet, scribbling, tracing, plunging into thoughts that have vanished into thin air. Then she comes back, anchors herself, and draws again. Her creative process is as bewitching as the result is beautiful.”


Founded by the talented Italian architect and designer Ornella Mei, Mei Architects is a beacon of innovative architectural and design.

Based in Paris, Mei Architects stands out for its multidisciplinary vision and cross-disciplinary approach. The agency has a comprehensive approach to projects, from the initial concept to the smallest design details. They consistently integrate new technologies to benefit the environment, the local communities, and the people involved.

With their versatile approach, they masterfully handle projects of various scales, resulting in not only an enhanced quality of life but also an elegant synergy between the whole and its intricate components.