GLEAN magazine

“Art is slow attention”

Previously HART, GLEAN is a Brussels magazine for contemporary art. Published both in print and digitally on a monthly basis. In addition to its monthly publication, the website serves as a valuable resource for significant art-related news, reviews, and city reports, complementing the content found in the magazine. 

Beyond the traditional magazine format, GLEAN serves as a dynamic platform. With a discerning eye and an abundant well of inspiration, GLEAN scrutinizes, reflects upon, offers opinions, and provides thoughtful insights into the various facets of contemporary art.


les passagées recommends

listening to Marnie Slater’s 21 Tracks for the 21st Century

or diving into Roni Horn in conversation with Kathleen Weyts


“A lot of my work comes together very slowly, sometimes it takes years. I also often work on my drawings for months at a time. That sometimes makes it very abstract. It was a very nice experience to come to such a direct result, straight from the action. It didn’t have to be grand or profound, it didn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it didn’t have to be “nothing” at all, it didn’t require any specific skill, it just had to reflect my being in a certain way.”

– Roni Horn from ‘The smallest piece of mirror is always the whole mirror’,  

5 April 2023