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Albert Adria
Yannick Alleno
Armand Arnal
Kristian Baumann
Claude Bosi
Mauro Colagreco
Enrico Crippa
Paul Cunningham
Alexandre Gauthier
Christophe Hardiquest
Gert De Mangeleer
Petter Nilsson
Nicolai Norregaard
Magnus Ek
Leonardo Pereira
Fulvio Pierangelini
Philip Rachinger
Mathieu Rostaing-Tayard
Davide Scabin
Clare Smyth

From Japan to Chile, Brazil to Slovenia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and elsewhere, 40 of the world’s most acclaimed, pioneering chefs partook in an international restaurant “swap”, exchanging lives, identities… and restaurants for 3 days before participating in the 24-hour dinner that took place across the globe. 


Before leaving their own restaurants, each of these 40 chefs created a dish based on their expectations of the restaurant they were set to visit abroad.


At the GELINAZ! BRUSSELS HQ, these 40 recipes were reinterpreted during a 12-hour dinner (4 x 3-hour sittings) by 20 star chefs working in pairs.